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Doggie Boot Camp

If you need some professional help training your dog, you can enroll in Doggie Boot Camp. Dogs enrolled in our Boot Camp program stay with us at our training center night and day. Their days are filled with training sessions either at The Animals' House or at local parks, trails and shopping centers. The dogs will also have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs during their stay. Our program includes a personalized training report, a one hour private consultation upon pick up, and a seven week obedience course to follow.

Our two week camp is designed for puppies or dogs that have behavioral issues, such as aggression, lack of socialization, or potty training issues. Owners may choose five new behaviors for the trainers to teach the dogs, such as come, sit, down, stay, name recognition, leave it or drop it, in addition to all behavioral issues addressed. All behaviors will be practiced around distractions to ensure compliance. 


  2 WEEK CAMP - $1099






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