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Puppy Socialization Package

Have you chosen to welcome a new puppy or rescue dog into your home recently?  While having a lot of extra time at home to spend with your new pup is wonderful, it also poses some unique challenges for the future.   Two of the biggest challenges new dog owners are now facing are proper socialization and preventing the potential onset of separation anxiety when we go back to work, school, and our lives.  The critical socialization period for puppies occurs roughly between three and 16 weeks of age. Puppies in that phase are like little sponges soaking up information about the world and learning what is and isn't safe.  After 16 weeks of age, this important window begins to close, so time is of the essence!

We invite you to enroll in our new Puppy Socialization and Enrichment Package.  This program is appropriate for all puppies and dogs under 12 months old.   Here’s how the program works:  The package consists of 10 visits to our facility as well as a 7 week group obedience course.  We recommend having your pup come at least 2x/week. While at our facility, your pup will spend their time in a small playgroup with other dogs of similar age and activity level, working on crate and potty training, and taking part in a training session.  Training sessions will consist of learning basic commands, introducing the dogs to a variety of different sights, sounds, surfaces, smells and distractions, and practicing leash manners around other dogs and people.  The price for this entire package is just $599.

Space is limited, so please call or email to reserve your spot.  703-433-1300,

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