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DayCare FAQs


What do the dogs do all day in daycare?

The dogs spend the day in our playroom, playing and socializing with other dogs. They receive three outdoor walks throughout the day, and they are given a variety of toys with which to play. Our professional staff members are constantly supervising the dogs, and giving them lots of one on one attention. If you would like your dog to eat during the day, feel free to bring lunch or a snack with them! You can also request a nap for your dog during the day – we recommend this for all puppy parents.

How do you know if the dogs get along?

When the dogs come for their first day of daycare, the staff will give them a temperament test to make sure they are suitable for daycare. The staff is always watching the dogs to make sure that their behavior is appropriate. The new dog is put into a playgroup that fits his size and energy level. If a dog ever acts inappropriately, he is removed from the playgroup.

Do I need to make a reservation?

All services are by reservation only, because we have limited space available. Call (703) 433-1300, and talk to one of our specialists.

What are the Rules of the House?

Please see our House Rules and make sure your vaccinations are all up to date.

Does my dog have to come every day, or on a regular schedule?

No, you can bring your dog as many, or as few times per month as you would like!

What if I have a small dog?

We have a lot of small dogs that enjoy daycare. We put the dogs together according to size and energy level, so any sized dogs are always welcome!

How old do the dogs have to be?

Puppies should be at least 10 weeks old to attend daycare and have had their first three rounds of vaccines.

Are the dogs trained when they are there?

While at daycare, the dogs are encouraged not to jump up, pull on the leash, bark excessively, or mouth humans. If you would like to have a professional trainer work with your dog on other behaviors, you can schedule a private training session for your dog while he is at daycare.

Is there a discount for multiple dogs?

Yes! For dogs coming from the same household, you receive a 25% discount on all daycare and boarding services for the additional dogs in a family. Dogs must be living in the same household.

How do I sign up for daycare?

Just give us a call and set up a reservation. When you come, you will need to bring your dogs' vaccination history, and after filling out some paperwork, you will be all set!

I have an older dog that has never been trained. Is it too late to start with obedience lessons?

No, it is never too late to teach your dog! For any training related questions, feel free to call any time and speak to a trainer.

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